Creative ways to use OneNote in education – Cohen

Creative ways to use OneNote in education Michael Cohen, aka The Tech Rabbi, believes in the power of OneNote. In this video series, he walks you through creative and powerful strategies to get the most out of Microsoft OneNote. Michael breaks down the best organization and features to support [...]

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Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams

Reading fluency is one of the core components that contributes to students’ academic success. Reading fluency is more than just knowing how to say the words on a page. Fluency affects text comprehension, vocabulary understanding, and reading speed. The Reading Progress in Teams MEC course was created to help further [...]

July 26th, 2021|

Ten ways to use Microsoft tools in your post-pandemic classroom – The Merrills Edu

Ten ways to use Microsoft tools in your post-pandemic classroom Joe and Kristin Merrill, first and fourth-grade teachers and co-authors of the InterACTIVE Class series, explain how to use Microsoft tools in preparation for re-entering your classroom. In this new video series, learn how to differentiate instruction using Microsoft tools, convert Word documents into PowerPoint (in just [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – Teach boldly: Innovations for every classroom 

Teach boldly: Innovations for every classroom If you’ve read Teach Boldly by Dr. Jennifer Williams, you know that her innovative ideas are for every classroom. Teachers around the world have been inspired to try new things based on her book. In this video series, Jennifer walks us through six different ideas to teach boldly. It’s like [...]

February 6th, 2021|Tags: , , |

Sunday 7 Series – Maximizing student output

Maximize student output Getting more out of students has been every teacher’s goal since the dawn of time. We want to maximize student output by hearing their thoughts, seeing their thinking, and understanding their ideas. But how? Too often, teachers want one golden tool to deliver every need they [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – Supporting students in new ways

Supporting student-teacher communication There are many ways to support student-teacher communication in classrooms. Giving students space to communicate privately. Helping students verbalize their thinking. Providing one-on-one instruction. Is it just us, or are these things all educators hope to do in their classrooms? Fortunately, all of these best practices [...]

February 6th, 2021|Tags: , , |
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