Sunday 7 Series – Teach boldly: Innovations for every classroom 

Teach boldly: Innovations for every classroom If you’ve read Teach Boldly by Dr. Jennifer Williams, you know that her innovative ideas are for every classroom. Teachers around the world have been inspired to try new things based on her book. In this video series, Jennifer walks us through six different ideas to teach boldly. It’s like [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – Maximizing student output

Maximize student output Getting more out of students has been every teacher’s goal since the dawn of time. We want to maximize student output by hearing their thoughts, seeing their thinking, and understanding their ideas. But how? Too often, teachers want one golden tool to deliver every need they [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – Supporting students in new ways

Supporting student-teacher communication There are many ways to support student-teacher communication in classrooms. Giving students space to communicate privately. Helping students verbalize their thinking. Providing one-on-one instruction. Is it just us, or are these things all educators hope to do in their classrooms? Fortunately, all of these best practices [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – Designing and building engaging instructional videos 

Designing and building engaging instructional videos When remote learning became the norm for most teachers in the world, communication through video became important quickly. Most teachers aren’t trained in creating videos, though! It can take lots of time. Planning is critical. Tools are important. Content is a big deal too. We were excited to [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – I am committed to a world where…

I am committed to a world where…  Felisa Ford and Dr. Natasha Rachell are committed to a world of inclusion using accessibility tools in education, and both of these women have spent years in education working toward equity. Their passions for reaching all students shine through in this quick tip video series. In each [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – I’d like to see you in my Office

I’d like to see you in my Office Most of us think of getting called to the Office as a bad thing. Not so with Kathi Kersznowski’s new video series, called I’d like to see you in my Office. Actually, apps that integrate with Office are super helpful for [...]

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