Sunday 7 Series – Designing and building engaging instructional videos 

Designing and building engaging instructional videos When remote learning became the norm for most teachers in the world, communication through video became important quickly. Most teachers aren’t trained in creating videos, though! It can take lots of time. Planning is critical. Tools are important. Content is a big deal too. We were excited to [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – I am committed to a world where…

I am committed to a world where…  Felisa Ford and Dr. Natasha Rachell are committed to a world of inclusion using accessibility tools in education, and both of these women have spent years in education working toward equity. Their passions for reaching all students shine through in this quick tip video series. In each [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – I’d like to see you in my Office

I’d like to see you in my Office Most of us think of getting called to the Office as a bad thing. Not so with Kathi Kersznowski’s new video series, called I’d like to see you in my Office. Actually, apps that integrate with Office are super helpful for [...]

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Sunday 7 Series – Finding a better way 

Finding a better way  How many times do we realize it takes too many steps and too many minutes to finish something in our lives? Like getting a toddler ready to leave the house! Sometimes the little things that suck our energy add up to a lot of frustration. We [...]

Microsoft Teams Preparing for Remote Learning

In the early spring of 2020, the Career and Technical Education department at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) was scrambling. Like the rest of the world, LAUSD was working on how to provide quality education in an entirely different way. We had the opportunity to support the district [...]

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Five tips for successful remote learning with elementary students

Last school year I was serving as an EdTech Specialist for D.C Public Schools (DCPS). The Covid-19 pandemic struck, and my role became more important than ever. We moved to and worked for successful remote learning. I never imagined the impact that tools like Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class [...]

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