Professional Development Training Catalog

Microsoft Learning Tools

Windows 10 and Office 365 accessibility options provide a wide range of student tools. These tools can be personalized for all core academic areas; organization, collaboration, communication, along with creating and consuming content. See how these tools help create an inclusive and personalized learning experience for every student.

  • 1 hour on-site PD: Survey course of inclusive classroom tools
    Technology: Microsoft Power Point
  • 3-hour on-site PD: The fully-inclusive classroom for general education instructors
    Technology: Ease of Access
  • 3-hour on-site PD: The fully-inclusive classroom for English Language Learners (ELL)
    Technology: Accessibility Checker
  • 6 hour on-site PD: In-depth tool use and maximum hands-on experience
    Technology: Microsoft Translator, Live Caption, Windows 10, and more!

Windows 10 accessibility capabilities

Executive function and self-regulation skills are the traffic control system for the brain. They help us plan, organize, manage tasks and information, and make decisions. Discover how Windows 10 and Office 365 can support students with executive function skills beyond the classroom and into college and career.

1-hour conference session covers:

  • Office 365 apps
  • Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft Edge
  • Microsoft Learning Tools
  • To Do
Learning Tools (across platforms and apps)

Making a STEM learning environment accessible for everyone is a must as today’s classrooms are incredibly diverse. STEM teachers already have many technologies to help with inclusivity at their disposal. This session will help teachers recognize just how easy it is to ensure that all learning materials are accessible to everyone.

  • 1-hour on-site PD: Survey course of inclusive classroom tools for STEM
    Technology: PowerPoint
  • 3-hour on-site PD: In-depth course of inclusive classroom tools for STEM
    Technology: Xbox adaptive controller, Code Jumper, Minecraft: Education
    Edition, Make Code

Microsoft Teams

Data Collection, collaboration, organization, and time management are a few things that special education teachers struggle with in our daily schedule. See how Office 365 and Windows 10 can help streamline processes and reclaim lost time

  • 1-hour on-site PD: Microsoft OneNote
  • 3-hour on-site PD: Skype, OneDrive, To Do
Xbox adaptive controller

Gaming is becoming an important part of many classrooms. We need to ensure that ALL students have access to content in every classroom. See how Minecraft, MakeCode, Code Jumper and the Xbox adaptive controller will create a gaming experience that engages all learners.

  • 1-hour on-site PD: MineCraft
  • 3-hour on-site PD: Microsoft Learning Tools, Code Jumper, To Do

This is a one-day or two-day professional development training for K—12 educators and administrators, sponsored by Microsoft. Bringing their own device, educators will learn how to integrate the latest technology into their classrooms and enhance student fluency using Microsoft Office 365 and emergent technologies including OneNote, Sway, Teams, and Skype in the Classroom. Must have a minimum of 30 participants, inviting surrounding school districts to participate is encouraged.

Duration: 6 hours

This two-day in-depth workshop is designed for K-12 teacher trainers responsible for delivering professional development training. Attend this 2 day in-depth professional learning experience to understand how to design 21st Century learning opportunities for students.  The 21CLD curriculum describes six dimensions of 21st century learning: Collaboration; Skilled communication; Knowledge construction; Self-regulation; Real-world problem-solving and innovation; and Use of ICT for learning, each of which represents an important skill for students to develop. This Trainer Academy builds on the research methodology providing a collaborative, practice-based process to help educators transform how they design enriching learning activities for their students.

Duration: 12 hours

This session gives educators an opportunity to experience and build affordable inquiry and project-based activities to visualize data across science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum, and learn how simple coding can be with a variety of inexpensive classroom tools and how coding can increase computational thinking and problem solving skills for students. Optional to include Minecraft: Education Edition + CodeBuilder.

​Duration: 3 hours or 6 hours

Digital Inking not only helps student learning, it can be a huge time-saver for teachers. It allows teachers to mark student work and create lessons with ease. On a keyboard, we find that students type their notes which leads to verbatim copying of information, shallower encoding, and limited conceptual understanding. With a digital pen, students handwrite their notes and demonstrate active summarization, deep encoding, retention, and transfer. These findings show that the more complex the problem, the more beneficial pen will be. This session will review the benefits of digital inking as aligned with research-based principles and the Windows-based tools aligned with these benefits that teachers and students can quickly implement in any classroom.

Duration: 6 hours

Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. During this 1-day, in-person Teacher Academy, you will receive an overview of Minecraft: Education Edition, learn to play the game, and create curriculum and classroom resources you can take back to your classroom and continue your journey. Ensure you bring a Windows 10 or Mac OSX device.

Duration: 1 or 2 day, 6 or 12 hours

This six-hour academy is designed to give educators an understanding of what physical computing is and how they can integrate it into their curriculum to deepen learning. Educators will learn why physical computing is a powerful teaching tool, how and micro:bit support physical computing projects, and what resources are available to design content-based physical computing units. It is aimed at educators for whom physical computing is relatively new and who are looking to implement lessons in their classroom right away. This training will explore physical computing through hands-on activities that will introduce educators to the principles of physical computing and the resources available as well as collaborative activities that will encourage participants to work together to design a lesson for their class.

Duration: 6 hours

Educators will develop the basic skills needed to use OneNote as a productivity tool for both themselves and their students

Duration: 6 hours

In this training, educators will learn how Skype for Business provides a media for meeting virtually: for parent conferences, for team or student meetings, or to just touch base with struggling students. They will also learn time-saving ways to make Outlook and Calendar work for them; as well as, strategies for staying organized; easily sharing files, and use OneDrive and Office Online.

Duration: 6 hours

The Education Transformation Framework helps education leadership, Ministries of Education, districts and school principals transform education in their institutions.

About this workshop

This is a workshop is a readiness workshop describing and discussing the critical components and conversations needed to drive large-scale education transformation and technology deployment, and the technical solution designs which underpin it. Designed from experience of deployments globally this workshop describes some of the most commonly faced challenges, considerations and requirements and uses real world experience to provide solutions and thought leadership.

Who should attend

The sessions are designed for transformation partners with policy and practical expertise, who will support education leaders within Ministries of Education and Education departments at regional, district and local level

Duration: 12 hours

1- and 3-hour workshops

  • #CS4All: Developing computational thinking for all students
  • 20 in 50: Twenty ways AI is built into Office 365 to revolutionize your productivity
  • Administrators lead the way: Closing the achievement gap with Learning Tools and more
  • Bring computational thinking into any classroom using Microsoft MakeCode and Hacking STEM
  • Build it, make it, know it! Design thinking with Minecraft: Education Edition and other tools
  • Drive efficient school leadership coordination and reduce workload with Microsoft Teams and Staff Notebook
  • Lead the transformation: An administrator’s pathway to success with the Education Transformation Framework
  • Let’s get phygital: Mixing digital and physical technology for engagement
  • Let’s Team Up! Getting started with Microsoft Teams
  • One Notebook to rule them all: How OneNote Class Notebook changes the school of learning around the world
  • S’way cool: Elevate student voice across the curriculum
  • Seven Steps to make learning more accessible
  • The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Benefits of digital inking across Windows 10
  • Track It, Quiz It, Flip It, Try It
  • Tweet and tag your way to a stronger #PLN
  • Want to build an inclusive classroom? Learning Tools is your superpower
  • What’s your app-titude? Discover the best-loved apps for teaching and learning in the Microsoft store
  • Won’t you be my neighbor? Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Office Online build communities around the world
  • World changers unite! Level the playing field with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Translator
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