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Acessibility and Inclusivity:
Create a non-stigmatizing classroom

Technology is unlocking new opportunities to engage, teach, and inspire students of all abilities levels, especially those with specific learning disabilities–visual and auditory impairments, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, and anxiety are just a few.

We know how important it is for educators to design authentic activities that acknowledge and accommodate for all learners

Let us deliver the instructional design and professional development to prepare special education and general education educators to help ALL students reach their potential!

insight2execution (i2e LLC) is a team of education thought leaders who are passionate about bringing technology into teaching and learning the right way – where the focus is on learning, not the technology itself.

Our team of strategists, supported by our growing group of professional learning specialists, have all spent years in classrooms and now work with teachers to help make a greater impact as districts transition to an always-on learning, cloud-enabled, mobile environment.

i2e LLC is a Microsoft Global Education Training Partner and a Microsoft Preferred Supplier since 2008.

“Students would
rather go without
than stand out”

Technology PD that unlocks learning opportunities for special education students

Microsoft has introduced new Accessibility capabilities, and i2e can prepare your educators to use this technology to its fullest.

I2e can customize sessions for professionals who specialize in OT, PT, Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Speech Language Pathology, Special Education, Support Staff, Assistive Technology, Reading Support, Behavior, School Psychologists, Administration, General Education

Professional Development training catalog Format Technologies
Windows 10 and Offrice 365 accessibility options provide a wide range of student
tools. These tools can be personalized for all core academic areas; organization,
collaboration, communication, along with creating and consuming content.
See how these tools help create an inclusive and personalized learning experience for
every student.
• Microsoft Learning Tools
1 hour: Survey course of inclusive classroom tools 1 hour on-site PD • Microsoft PowerPoint
3 hour: The fully-inclusive classroom for general education instructors 3 hour on-site PD • Ease of Access
3 hour: The fully-inclusive classroom for English Language Learners (ELL) 6 hour on-site PD • Accessibility Checker
6 hour: In-depth tool use and maximum hands-on experience • Microsoft Translator
• Live Caption
• Windows 10
• and more!
Executive function and self-regulation skills are the traffic control system
for the brain. They help us plan, organize, manage tasks and information,
• Windows 10 accessibility
and make decisions. Discover how Windows 10 and Office 365 can
support students with executive function skills beyond the classroom
and into college and career.
1 hour conference session • Office 365 apps
• Microsoft OneNote
• Microsoft Edge
• Microsoft Learning Tools
• To Do
Making a STEM learning environment accessible for everyone is a must
as today’s classrooms are incredibly diverse. STEM teachers already have
• Learning Tools (across
platforms and apps)
many technologies to help with inclusivity at their disposal. This session
will help teachers recognize just how easy it is to ensure that all learning
materials are accessible to everyone.
1 hour on-site PD • PowerPoint
1 hour: Survey course of inclusive classroom tools for STEM 3 hour on-site PD • Xbox adaptive controller
3 hour: In-depth course of inclusive classroom tools for STEM • Code Jumper
• Minecraft: Education
• Make Code
Data Collection, collaboration, organization, and time management are
a few things that special education teachers struggle with in our daily
schedule. See how Office 365 and Windows 10 can help streamline
processes and reclaim lost time
• Microsoft Teams
1 hour on-site PD • Microsoft OneNote
3 hour on-site PD • Skype
• OneDrive
• To-do
Gaming is becoming an important part of many classrooms. We need
to ensure that ALL students have access to content in every classroom.
See how Minecraft, MakeCode, Code Jumper and the Xbox adaptive
controller will create a gaming experience that engages all learners.
• Xbox adaptive controller
1 hour on-site PD • Minecraft
3 hour on-site PD • Microsoft Learning Tools
• Code Jumper
• To-do
If you don’t see a specific service listed, contact us—our team of education professionals
can customize and deliver engaging, hands-on professional development to your team.
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