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“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Insight Capture

Qualitative customer research

  • Conduct one-on-one customer interviews or focus groups to uncover key pain points, needs, and missed opportunities
  • Used to develop go-to-market strategies, test brand positions, assess specific messaging points, or uncover new product or service opportunities

Quantitative customer research

  • Validate and size the various sentiments among customer segments, helping to target the high-value prospects and direct resource allocation

Field & Partner research

  • Interview key channel partners to assess execution gaps and identify better ways to land your message

Strategy Development

Knowledge Synthesis

  • Analyze results of qualitative and quantitative research to highlight the “critical few” insights that will drive a successful marketing strategy

Critical Success Identification

  • Identify the critical success factors that will make or break successful implementation

Strategic Plan Documentation

  • Develop and document the plan, with clarity on the situation assessment, critical success factors, strategic pillars, tactical detail, expected outcomes and metrics to track success. Our strategic plans are designed to secure management and cross-group sponsorship, along with guiding downstream execution

Operations Playbook Creation

  • Build an operations plan with specific team “go-dos” to ensure the strategies developed are implemented by key contingent teams. Our operations playbooks provide the background insights to give context and motivation for adoption, and provide specific tactical actions and available resources to support local execution

Cross-Organization Alignment

  • Evangelize marketing strategies and secure organizational buy-in to ensure broad-scale adoption, while identifying and mediating potential conflicts