Conference season is upon us and our i2e Professional Learning Specialists have been out in force attending, presenting, and bringing back valuable insights to share with the rest of our team. We didn’t want to keep this great information all to ourselves, so we are excited to be sharing it with all of you in a multi-part blog series. This week we are highlighting the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Convention and Expo in San Antonio, Texas!

Alex Larson, i2e Professional Learning Specialist:

“I recently attended TCEA for the first time. The theme was “Fully Charged,” which made me excited to go, find some innovative ideas, and make new connections—all of which would “charge me up” for when I returned to my school after the week was over. Without a doubt, I was not disappointed! Throughout the week, I presented on Learning Tools, digital learning days, technology tools, and Do Ink with a colleague. It was so refreshing to share tools and technology with educators from a different part of the country. Of all the presentations I was a part of, the poster session on Learning Tools was the biggest hit. Conference attendees were able to use the tools and experience first-hand how useful they are for both students and parents. The other aspect of the conference that I really enjoyed was the expo hall. I found tools such as zSpace, the new Sphero Specdrums, and the Hummingbird kit—all of which I’ve already requested for my classroom for next year.

I ended up attending an event one evening to try out the Hummingbird kits using micro:bit and the BirdBlox app. This was a great opportunity to meet with educators and test out my coding skills! Despite the fact that I was busy presenting at TCEA, I was still able to attend some great sessions as well— including the wonderful keynote speech by Dr. Mae Jemison. With all of the positive experiences I had at TCEA this year, I will definitely attend this conference again in the future!”

Learn more about the Texas Computer Education Association.