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I’d like to see you in my Office

Most of us think of getting called to the Office as a bad thing. Not so with Kathi Kersznowski’s new video series, called I’d like to see you in my Office. Actually, apps that integrate with Office are super helpful for educators and students. This video series helps us see how Wakelet, Buncee, Genially, Merge, Kahoot, and Nearpod connects to Office tools teachers use every day, like Teams and OneNote.

  • If you’re using Wakelet to keep track of internet content, try adding a collection as a tab in Teams so your whole team can benefit.
  • If you’re using Buncee to create interactive content for students, try embedding it into a OneNote page.
  • If you’re sharing a Genially template with your students, use the Share to Teams button to make it an assignment for your students.
  • If you’re using Merge to create 3D interactivity, add it to PowerPoint as a 3D image.
  • If you’re quizzing students with a Kahoot game, post the link in a channel for quick access.
  • If you’re sending students through a Nearpod lesson, link to it as an Assignment in Teams.

These tips and many more are found in this incredibly helpful video series we’re pleased to feature as one of our Sunday 7.

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