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Felisa Ford and Dr. Natasha Rachell are committed to a world of inclusion using accessibility tools in education, and both of these women have spent years in education working toward equity. Their passions for reaching all students shine through in this quick tip video series. In each video, Felisa and Natasha encourage us to commit to a world that shines brighter for all kids. Using accessibility tools in education, learn how to personalize reading experiences with Immersive Reader. Then make Forms quizzes more accessible. Next, show your appreciation for diversity through language inclusion with Translator. Also make sure students can communicate their thinking using alternate methods. Use PowerPoint Live to give each student access to the presentation in a remote learning environment or in person classroom. Finally, use Teams accessibility features to ensure all kids have access to the assignment directions and class meeting content. It’s a whole new world for educators who use these tools in their classrooms! We can’t wait to see how these videos help teachers around the world – and ultimately help kids.

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