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Designing and building engaging instructional videos

When remote learning became the norm for most teachers in the world, communication through video became important quickly. Most teachers aren’t trained in creating videos, though! It can take lots of time. Planning is critical. Tools are important. Content is a big deal too. We were excited to work with Claudio Zavala Jr. to develop this playlist. It takes teachers through a ten-step process to create instructional videos using free tools from Microsoft Education, on any device with an internet connection. His process shows how to start with a script, then add images, organize the content, and set the stage for recording – before ever clicking record! Claudio uses special effects in Flipgrid’s Shorts camera to add interesting visuals. He also shows teachers how to publish their videos to Stream and Teams. It’s step-by-step help that we all need, presented by an expert in the field. A must-see for teachers everywhere! 

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Using Microsoft tools like Word, PowerPoint, Flipgrid, Teams, and Stream to support students with instructional videos

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