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Maximize student output

Getting more out of students has been every teacher’s goal since the dawn of time. We want to maximize student output by hearing their thoughts, seeing their thinking, and understanding their ideas. But how? Too often, teachers want one golden tool to deliver every need they have. By choosing the right tool for the right purpose, we can focus on student outcomes. But we’d like students to login once and have it all, right? Enter Office 365. Victoria Thompson and Maggie Shawver taught us how to check in with student emotions using Forms. They also showed us how the math classroom is made better by quick check quizzes in Teams. We loved seeing how to use Whiteboard to have students summarize their learning too. Many of these tips are focused on math, but they can be applied anywhere. It’s exciting to think about all the students who will get to show their thinking in new ways thanks to this playlist of tips!  

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