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Teach boldly: Innovations for every classroom

If you’ve read Teach Boldly by Dr. Jennifer Williams, you know that her innovative ideas are for every classroom. Teachers around the world have been inspired to try new things based on her book. In this video series, Jennifer walks us through six different ideas to teach boldly. It’s like having a two minute author chat every session! One of our favorite activities is the Game Swap. This video shows how to use text, photos, videos, and images to teach another classroom a game. The game should be one from the local school or culture. The two connected teachers exchange the directions, and the students play each others’ games. What an awesome way to learn about another culture, play together, practice literacy skills, and build a global community! This is just one of six amazing ideas presented in the playlist. You’ll have to watch the rest to learn more… or grab a copy of her book like we have.  

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Dr. Williams is also the author of Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good (ISTE) on Amazon.

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